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发布时间:2021-09-10 00:00
本文摘要:Apple is working on a foldable phone of its own, new patents reveal.新的专利强调,苹果公司已经研发其专享折叠式手机。


Apple is working on a foldable phone of its own, new patents reveal.新的专利强调,苹果公司已经研发其专享折叠式手机。A future iPhone could be hinged in the middle, according to the patents, allowing it to be folded up small and then opened again to allow the screen to be larger.据该专利说明,将来的iPhone很有可能会在手机中间配有上门铰链,使其能够拉锁成小规格,而再一次合上以后,还能够变成显示屏。

The handset is just one of a range of bendy phones being worked on by companies. While Samsungs Galaxy X is the most famous – and has been shown off in the most detail – just about every major company is working on its own foldable handset.这个手机上仅仅各企业已经产品研发的折叠式手机系列产品之一。三星公司早就向大伙儿展出了Galaxy X手机上的众多关键点,这也是最知名的折叠式手机,并且彻底全部的大企业都会产品研发其已有的折叠式手机。Apple is not thought to be releasing a rival model any time soon, and the new iPhones it is set to release in September will keep the same form factor as the existing line-up. But the new patents show it has been considered for a future design.大家不容置疑,苹果公司近期不容易开售竞争对手,并且将于2020年九月份公布的新款苹果手机上的样子主要参数(规格、样子、规格型号)与目前产品系列完全一致。

但新的专利强调,苹果公司早就在充分考虑将来的设计方案了。The patent filing includes a full 24 images, showing different ways the phones could bend. And they dont apply only to iPhones – with features that could work for iPads or even Macs.该专利文档中有整整的24张图片,展出了这个手机上的各有不同拉锁方法。并且他们不但能够运用于iPhone,还能够运用于苹果平板电脑上,乃至是苹果一体机。

If Apple does not release its new bendy phone until 2020 or later, it is likely to be late. Samsungs foldable phone is due to be released in the coming weeks, and other companies are already preparing their own rivals.假如苹果公司到今年 或更早的情况下还仍未公布其最新款折叠式手机,这有可能就太晚了。三星公司的折叠式手机在数周后即将公布,并且别的企业早就在准备他们自己的竞争对手了。It might also be that Apple does not reveal a foldable phone at all. The company regularly files patents for products that never actually make it to market.苹果公司也是有很有可能显而易见会开售折叠式手机。